FCL Shipping Sdn Bhd started way back in 1995, as Falcon Containers Line in handling Conventional Ship Brokerage & Project Cargo Handling Agent.

As the business grows and customer needs increased, FCL Shipping Sdn Bhd had been registeed in order to obtain Customs Brokerage license in the year 1998. The phenomenal growth of FCL in the past 12 years attributed to our mission in providing the most efficient service to our customers while striving to keep our pricing competitive.

We want all our customers to grow with us so that we can become a vital link to their business as well as enabling them to increase their profitability by fully utilizing our extensive worldwide network. With this idea in our mind, FCL launch SINGLE SOLUTION remedy to all our in house customer with TAILORED service in providing one-stop shipping logistics provider.

We know our customers have better things to do with their time then worry about cargo distribution system. That's why we at FCL Shipping Sdn Bhd, a Single Phone Call offers COMPLETE EXPEDITED TRANSPORTATION and SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTION.

Mission statement

Our mission is to ensure long lasting partnership with our customers By
  • Single Bill concept
  • Single Transporter
  • Single Warehouse Operator
  • Single Air & Sea International Freight Forwarder
  • Single Communicator Centre
  • Single Logistics Provide

A Single Phone Call provides Pick Up or Delivery to any part of the world.